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Loblaws and the Bangladesh factory disaster (updated May 10, 2013)


Few world industrial disasters have killed 1,000

The Associated Press May 10, 2013

Bangladesh factory collapse death toll hits 1,038

Julhas Alam, The Associated Press May 10, 2013

Bangladesh building collapse toll hits 675

Julhas Alam, The Associated Press May 6, 2013

Part of the story not being explored is that multinationals with overseas manufacturing have been well aware of the risk in Bangladesh for some time. Why an audit of the Bangladesh facility that just collapsed wasn’t undertaken immediately following a similar collapse only six months earlier is a question left neither asked nor answered.

Nike Tries to Avoid Bangladesh, Risky Cities

Miguel Bustillo, The Wall Street Journal November 29, 2012

Nike also attempts to reduce its exposure to countries where it considers factory conditions to be risky—including Bangladesh, where a fire last weekend that killed 112 garment workers. Nike says eight of the 896 factories it worked with last year were in Bangladesh.

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