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DataLibre: Axed federal advisory web sites available on, but not Library and Archives Canada

The previous post got us thinking, why not look up the other federal advisory agencies and councils that were recently axed

First Nations Statistical Institute (FNSI)

National Council of Welfare (NCoW)

National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE)

National Council on Visible Minorities (NCVM)

Readers are encouraged to visit’s Wayback Machine and let us know what other interesting deleted or modified Government of Canada sites and pages they find.


All the referenced web sites were supposed to be archived at Library and Archives Canada. Of the four listed above, only NCVM and NRTEE are archived, the latter 6 years older than’s. Perhaps something to do with those cutbacks at Library and Archives, which just so happened to coincide with the elimination of the referenced advisory councils…

Before getting too excited, archived web sites have very limited functionality. Things like forms and search functions don’t work. So, for example, data searches won’t work.

Nevertheless,’s efforts are commendable. This site does not endorse nor have any affiliation with the agencies or firms mentioned on its pages. That said, readers who find’s pages useful may wish to consider contributing to the organisation’s efforts.

Readers may also wish to inquire of their federal MP re the missing and out-of-date Library and Archives Canada web archives.

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