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2011 NHS: StatsCan’t delays Income and Housing release

StatsCan delays household survey release over data problem
The Canadian Press, August 13,2013

Plans to comment on the release will have to wait another month.

Hopefully the media (or a private citizen with $5 to burn on an Access to Information request) inquires about the nature of these ‘formulas’ that apparently caused damage requiring a month’s work to remedy. It would be interesting to know why / how no one caught the error until just prior to the release, despite the increased budget Statscan received this time around to handle the changeover from the long-form Census to National Household Survey. The ‘stuff happens’ excuse offered by Statscan is also pretty weak. Given the resources committed to the final and most closely scrutinised release of the Census cycle, it seems rather suspect.

Perhaps someone at Statistics Canada with a somewhat twisted sense of humour decided to reschedule the final release for 9/11 to commemorate the disaster that was the 2011 NHS.


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