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2011 NHS post-mortem: For those hoping it will get better, it won’t (meet Connie Graziadei)

Why not? Well, for many reasons. Perhaps it’s easiest to highlight one that left many Statistics Canada employees bewildered (and supposedly prompted at least one senior exec to quit). Without further ado, meet Connie Graziadei, Assistant Chief Statistician of the Census, Operations and Communications Field:

From failed dental hygienist, college drop-out, admin assistant, HR rep… to Assistant Deputy Minister overseeing Canada’s largest social statistics program. Readers may note the write-up, intended to put a positive spin on a dubious appointment, mentions neither relevant education nor experience Ms. Graziadei had for the top Census job… other than having briefly worked closely as secretary for the Chief Statistician, and being married to another Statscan senior exec (both points glanced over in the attached profile).

How someone wholly unqualified ends up in such an important role speaks to the federal government and its bureaucracy’s dim(-witted) view of socio-economic research and its relevance to public policy.

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