Political cartoonomics

It would be interesting to find out if this was by the same artist hired to draw the Canada Job Grant cartoons. Both are equally pointless, partisan, political ads, and insult Canadians’ intelligence.

The linked video highlights the rise in income inequality from the early 1990s onward, then proceeds to throw out political-econ catchphrases about how to ‘fix’ the economy. The Liberal ad glances over inconvenient facts:

The party governed from 1993-2006, overseeing most of the referenced rise in income inequality;

austerity budgets it introduced shortly after taking office in the early 1990’s directly contributed to the rise in income inequality, the books effectively balanced on the backs of the so-called ‘middle-class’ it now champions;

instead of restoring cuts to social spending after achieving budgetary balance, its subsequent budgets slashed federal corporate income tax (CIT) rates throughout the 2000’s, further contributing to the rise in income inequality; and

it was turfed from office following a historic no-confidence vote after failing to secure NDP support for refusing to agree to a number of conditions, including holding off on further corporate tax cuts and expanding social spending – to help the so-called ‘middle class’.

This shouldn’t be taken as support of any federal political party, as each in its own way has ceded to cynicism and hyper-partisanship…

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