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Fraser Institute tax aversion: Amusing response to CBC story stating the obvious

Figure 1: Where Your Tax Dollar Goes – 2012/2013

Federal_tax_dollarSource: Your Tax Dollar: 2012–2013 Fiscal Year, Department of Finance Canada

More taxes buy more government; not a more civilized society
Mark Milke, The Fraser Institute April 24, 2014

The reporter even managed to sneak in the bizarre assertions that the Fraser Institute and Canadian Taxpayers Federation are anti-government and “anti-tax.”

‘More government’ only becomes a problem when it delivers relatively less to the majority of its citizens.

Unfortunately, as an organisation that’s consistently advocated for cuts to public health care, elderly support, children’s benefits, employment insurance and a host of other programs that contribute to ‘a more civilised society’, the reputation Fraser Institute feigns exception to was well-earned.

Comparing Swiss and Canadian taxation rates, 33.4% to 38.6% according to Fraser Institute, is gold-to-tar.

The OECD.Stat GDP per capita in USD PPP (2009) for Switzerland was $46 970, to Canada’s $37 692

The OECD.Stat GINI – a measure of income inequality – before taxes and transfers (2009, latest) for Switzerland was 0.372, to Canada’s 0.444; GINI after taxes and transfers (2009, latest) for Switzerland dropped to 0.298, to Canada’s 0.320,

Effectively, advocating for lower Canadian taxes is advocating for greater Canadian income inequality: That extra 5.1% in taxes supposedly reduced Canada’s GINI by 27.5%.

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