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2011 NHS: Aboriginal Peoples Technical Report released, unreleased, re-released (updated June 23, 2014)

National Household Survey: Aboriginal Peoples – Aboriginal Peoples Technical Report, National Household Survey, 2011 , National Household Survey year 2011 (99-011-X2011002)

Someone should really work on that web page title. Reviewed, and will update with comments shortly. in the meantime, check out the featured map to the right – Aboriginal Peoples Technical Report makes passing reference to that ‘issue’.

Update (09/06/2014)


The release page indicates ‘Date modified:

Update (23/06/2014)


It’s back up, with a bold red ‘Revised June 19, 2014’ tag, along with a yellow caution sign with an ‘R’ up top. Credit for making it obvious the content’s been revised.

Looking at the two sections StatsCan had previously indicated would be subject to revision:

– the ironic error in section 5.3.2 Coverage error for incompletely enumerated reserves and settlements, saw the 2011 NHS estimates in Table 8 Model estimated counts and rates for incompletely enumerated Indian reserves (IER) revised. The pre-revised version estimates were for total on-reserve rather than incompletely enumerated reserve populations. Despite this, the figures still don’t look right. It’s unclear how the voluntary survey 2011 NHS could have had even lower IER counts than the mandatory 2006 long-form Census. As noted immediately beneath Table 8: “These estimates should be used with caution as they are based on a model whose assumptions cannot be verified.” No kidding.

-the explanatory text added to section 4.2.1 NHS Profile doesn’t clarify so much as correct an oversight. The revised version mentions both the NHS Aboriginal Population Profile and the NHS Profile. The pre-revised version neglected to mention the NHS Aboriginal Population Profile. The reader is left to assume both were used for comparisons between the Aboriginal / First Nations and general population.

If readers notice other changes (beside the ones StatsCan noted), please write to let us know.



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