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What’s next?

Economists have been loathe to discuss the possibility of machines displacing workers. The facile counterargument is that labour-saving innovation started with the industrial revolution, and subsequent labour-saving innovations coincided with rising employment. Few ever concede that technological innovation could eventually transition from labour-saving to labour-replacing.

Thankfully, that’s begun to change. Nobel laureate Paul Krugman recently reconsidered this long-held economic view.

As have others, including one of our new favourite economists, Tim Harford, whose page we discovered on this University of Toronto Library site (where this page is also linked – thanks).

The robots are coming and will terminate your jobs
Tim Harford, Financial Times December 31, 2013

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The end of home letter mail delivery, and likely the beginning of the end of Canada Post (updated December 18, 2013)


Canada Post ends home delivery: The postman won’t ring at all
The Economist,

In a move that now seems like subliminal messaging, Canada Post celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Canadian postal service in 2012 by issuing a special set of stamps featuring the Royal Mail Ship Titanic.

So many things wrong with Canada Post Corporation (CPC) on so many levels, it’s like a microcosm of everything that’s gone awry with Canadian public administration in recent years.